GDSolar marca presença na Intersolar 2018
GDSolar is present at Intersolar 2018

Biggest event about solar energy in the world happened at the end of August and gathered great players in the industry.

It could not be different: Intersolar, from Germany, and whose country is one of the pioneers in solar energy production, is the largest event in the industry worldwide, and GDSolar could not be left out.

The company presented in three days not only general information about the distribution and generation of solar energy, but also its new projects and other forms of using this energy.

Like the case addressed by Ricardo Costa in a lecture during the event. At the occasion, it was discussed the challenges that electric mobility has to overcome, such as the cost of such projects, the infrastructure needed for their viability, and the autonomy of vehicles and its batteries.

However, the recent partnership between GDSolar and BYD, a multinational company that develops, among other things, stations for solar power plants energy storage, makes the electric vehicle in Brazil possible, since the energy is generated in photovoltaic power plants developed by GDSolar, and the chargers’ infrastructure is implemented by BYD.