O pioneirismo da GDSolar na geração distribuída de energia
GDSolar pioneering in distributed generation of energy.

The company, born in 2015, already appears as one of the biggest players in the market.

GDSolar is a Brazilian company that designs, implements and generates electricity through photovoltaic power plants. Headquartered in São Paulo, it provides energy efficiency for distributed generation, free market, and electric mobility through creative solutions and state-of-the-art technology, both economically and environmentally, providing the utilization of a clean and renewable energy source.

Its main expertise is based on a model of project development which covers all work phases. The company chooses the best region and location for the power plant, does the financial analysis of the investment, the selection and implementation of all the power plant equipment, its construction and the installers training. It’s precisely the consolidation of this method that guarantees systemic security, high efficiency, and mitigation of investment risks.

In order for this to happen, the company has obtained strategic partnerships that are exclusive in the market, and it offers, for example, unlimited support from manufacturers of equipment used in solar farms, or guaranteeing capillarity of the infrastructure necessary to make the electric car viable in Brazil, and in addition, it has in its structure a specialized project engineering focused on high performance and innovation.

You can verify in the table below the information on the existing photovoltaic power plants built and managed by GDSolar:

LocationVárzea da Palma – MGBuritizeiro – MGBuritizeiro – MGJaíba – MG
Installed power5.070 MWp5.148 MWp5.148 MWp5.139 MWp
Homes served6,0006,1006,1006,100
Area15 hectares15 hectares15 hectares15 hectares
Number of inverters71727273
Number of plates15,60015,84015,84015,840
Construction completiondec/17feb/febfeb/18
CO2 prevented*1,450 ton/year1,500 ton/yeard1,500 ton/year1,500 ton/year
Region and local community improvement**50 direct local jobs50 direct local jobs50 direct local jobs50 direct local jobs

* 137 kg CO2/MWh (MME, 2016).
** Movement in the areas of transportation, feeding and other services related to the construction.