GDSolar - XP Energia e Inovação discute a expansão da Geração Distribuída no Brasil
XP Energia e Inovação discusses the expansion of Distributed Generation in Brazil

Event in São Paulo gathered specialists and investors from the energy sector to discuss the current market scenario in the country.

At the end of July, GDSolar was one of the sponsors of the first edition of XP Energia e Inovação, an event held by XP Investimentos, which gathered several institutions and investors in the energy sector in São Paulo.

Throughout the day, participants followed panels mediated by industry experts, promoting discussions and presenting the news in the Brazilian scenario.

Ricardo Costa, CEO of GDSolar, was one of the guests of the panel “Distributed Generation: main characteristics and challenges”, which addressed the expansion of Distributed Generation in the country regulated in 2012 by ANEEL (National Electrical Energy Agency).

“Distributed Generation is here to stay and its expansion in the Brazilian electric system is the proof,” commented Ricardo regarding GD market growth. “There are big companies entering into this business and we are seeing an installed capacity increase.”